Cotton Products

Cotton Lint - We are engaged in manufacturing organic cotton lint from the last ten years. We are supplying organic cotton bales to all major buyers, domestic and international. We are committed to provide best quality, contamination free cotton lint and have been awarded best quality suppliers by different spinning mills. Our plant is situated at Bhikangaon, Dist. Khargone, M.P. and is a fully automated plant.

Cotton Seed - We are supplier of best quality organic cottoned that is obtained after ginning of organic raw cotton. Cottonseed is used as feed products for livestock or is crushed in the mill to obtain cottonseed oil and cottonseed oil cake.

Cotton Seed Oil Cake - Cottonseed oil cake can be used in multiple ways: either alone or by mixing it with other plant and animal protein sources. Cottonseed meal is a good source of protein. We are supplying cottonseed oil cake from the past twenty years and are known for producing best quality cattle feed.

Cotton Seed Oil - Cottonseed is crushed in kernels for extracting oil from it.The seed oil extracted from the kernels, after being refined, serves as a good edible and nutritious food. It can be used as a cooking oil, salad dressings. We are producing cottonseed oil from the past twenty years.